MB 45

MB-45 system – it is so called cold system used for exterior and interior elements, which require lower thermal insulation.

Products manufactured in this system are made of one-chamber section. Their main advantage is durability, variety of application and relatively low price. This system is also successfully used together with MB-60 system and therefore architecture elements, which have changeable thermal insulation, can be constructed.

This system offers perfect solutions for partition walls, shop windows, windbreaks and spatial panel walls. Similar to MB-60 this system can also be bend, which makes it possible to construct various bow panel walls.
Depth of the window construction amounts for 45 mm. The depth of the window’s section amounts for 45 mm (frame) and 54 mm(wing). Such depths of the frame and wing make it look from the outside as one surface after it is closed. The shape of the profiles enables us to achieve slender and durable windows.

Characteristic features:

  • possibility of applying to every type of window panel; the thickness of accessible window panel packages reaches up to 26 mm
  • big range of colors; products are painted with RAL varnish
  • possibility of bending the aluminum profiles into arcs
  • seals made of synthetic rubber EPDM.
  • An effective system of water drainage and ventilation

ul.Granitowa 67
70-750, Szczecin


ul.Granitowa 67
70-750, Szczecin


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