GL SYSTEM profile – five-chamber system with an external sealing, which depth amounts for 70 mm.

Warm profile GL SYSTEM Classic is a system designed by DRUTEX S.A. with an aim to fulfill the expectations of the end-customer.
Combination of high thermal-insulation and acoustic level as well as the perfect functionality of the profile makes the system elegant and modern.
GL SYSTEM makes it possible to produce the windows of different shapes, that guarantee proper and reliable working.
GL SYSTEM enables it to offer our customers windows , which fulfill all functional requirements and at the same time which show the highest quality when it comes to aesthetic issues.

Advantages of GL SYSTEM Profile:

  • Five-chamber profile design allows improved parameters of thermal insulation to be obtained: thanks to the application of the intra profile chamber system, seals and thermo-insulation window panels, they provide the possibility for considerable reduction of heat energy losses.
  • Aesthetic and invisible window panel seal
  • The possibility of applying a wide range of window panel packaging having depth : 24mm, 28mm, 32mm
  • 13 mm is the distance from the axis of the fitting notch assures an optimal anti- burglary protection
  • Specific shape and mounting EPDM seals in a special channels and notches assures an optimal insulation and long-lasting usage
  • Steel reinforcement in the frame and wing improves the rigidity, which is especially important for big constructions

ul.Jasna 15 lok.3 (Ryneczek Słoneczne )
70-777 Szczecin


ul.Jasna 15 lok.3 (Ryneczek Słoneczne )
70-777, Szczecin